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From DNF to Top 5% Ironman® All World Athlete (AWA)

I just wanted to share with you the email I just received (Congratulations on becoming a 2017 IRONMAN Silver All World Athlete!). When I started with your program back in 2015, I couldn’t even swim across the pool. I started working with Beth, and boy did she have her hands full. She gave me the basics and started me on my way. A few month later I transitioned to Michael Labagh, and although I was still a challenged swimmer, I continued getting better and better. I did my first Ironman 70.3 that May, and received a DNF because I didn’t finish my swim under 1:10, I came in at 1:14…..but I made it through. Michael then moved to Denver and I started working with Kevin through the remainder of the 2015 season. This past year I did 4 Ironman 70.3 events, and several other shorter distance triathlons. Thanks to you all, I received All World status after just my first full race season. I still have a long ways to go with my swim technique, but your folks made it happen for me. Thanks a ton, your program has been extremely helpful!
— - Brandon S.

Swimming Lessons Can Be FUN!

The girls haven’t stopped talking about “bubble cheeks” or practicing “swimming” in the bathtub or talking about how much fun they had swimming with you! From the very bottom of my heart, thank you. We have had a tumultuous experience with swim lessons over the past year so finding you and Liquid Lifestyles is hugely encouraging. You were wonderful with them both—so kind and encouraging. And they are super excited to come back and swim with you. I couldn’t be happier.
— Joanna D.

From a bad experience to “loving it”

When my son was much younger he had been going to swim lessons for years and then he had a really bad experience (which of course means we all did J) so I just really wanted to make sure this would be a good fit. My son has only been enrolled with your company for a short period of time, but he is loving it. He has been thrilled with the coaches and the content of the lessons. My husband and I have also been so impressed. It is a very different experience from what we had in the past. We really love that in addition to teaching the general skills, there is also a focus on water safety and comfort. I love that the coaches prepare them for scenarios such as falling in the pool. I just really wanted to reach out to share my experiences with Leah B. and your team as a whole. Everyone we have come into contact with has been phenomenal. His coaches have been Summer, Hailey, and Madeline so far. Please pass on our families positive feedback and let them know how much we appreciate them.
— Kristen

Australia World Championships!

Just wanted to share a few pics and say thanks again for the great swimming instructions. Australia was fun and the race was simply awesome. The swim was tough but was my fastest time so far at 41 min. My total race time was 6hr 32min. I can’t believe that when I started the swimming instructions a year and a half ago I would be racing in a world championship race in Australia.

A Swimming Family... 

I joined Liquid Lifestyles to learn how to swim for exercise. I am a marathon runner and pounding the paving have left my knees sore. My two sons have been with Liquid Lifestyles for 4 years and have learned all 4 strokes easily with technique. With their encouragement and the coaches I decided to give the program a try. I honestly can say that every time I get out of the pool after lessons I feel better about myself. Slowly but surely week after week I am making progress. The coaches are very encouraging and if they can help me swim they can help anybody.
— Amy P.

Easing the Anxieties of Open Water...

I went to your swim clinic in Bay Village last night. I didn’t know what to expect - I had never attended a group OWS event, or even ever worn a wetsuit. I want to tell you that I thought it was an excellent experience. Really valuable instruction and I gained some important confidence going into my event. The instructor did a great job and was able to conduct a group lesson but still give some individual feedback to everyone. I think that’s difficult to do.
— Craig M.

An Experience Well Worth It!

I wanted to send you a follow up note thanking you again for coming to Indianapolis this past weekend to put on your swimming clinic.

The name for the clinic is so appropriate, as what you taught me is truly “transformative”.

It is hard to believe that in just two days, you taught me an entirely different, much more efficient swimming stroke.

You are truly a gifted teacher, and you made the two days of learning very enjoyable.

It is not very often that someone can give such a gift to a stranger… but you have truly given me the tools to improve my swimming technique and make something that I have always enjoyed doing much more enjoyable.
— Dave S.

On my way to reaching my goals!

I have not had any formal swimming instruction since the late 60’s/early 70’s. I really did not know what to expect when I signed up for personal lessons with you. While we both well know that it is very difficult to teach an old dog new – or any - tricks, you are doing an AMAZING job with me. I am very grateful for the wisdom you’ve imparted and the passion and patience that you exude. I have already learned so much and look forward to learning a whole lot more and with your continued support, I KNOW I will reach all of my stated goals.
— Alan L.

"I am a Swimmer!"

I started working with Coach Beth in March of 2016 as a first timer, learning how to swim. I have had a wonderful experience and appreciate her patience working with me as a first timer and learning how to swim. It has been wonderful, and because of Beth and her team, I am able to swim professionally and it gives me great joy to say that I am a swimmer! I appreciate the other Liquid Lifestyles Coaches that have assisted me with swimming as well’s been a WONDERFUL experience overall.....I can’t thank Beth and her team enough. Anyone that reads this please know that the staff is awesome and will work with you until your comfortable going to the next level....IT’S AMAZING!!!
— Melanie Eppinger

The Difference 8 Months Can Make!

October 2016: started "Square One" classes

June 2017: NAUI certified open water scuba diver


Boy Scout Test - Passed!

My teenage son was self conscious about being in a class with kids much younger than him but he needed to have swimming skills in order to advance in Boy Scouts and regular classes weren’t working. I found your site and signed him up for private lessons. Within 9 months he was able to swim and after a little more than a year he passed the Boy Scout swim test and received the swimming merit badge at summer camp! All of the coaches we had were great and worked with my son to not only learn to swim but to meet his goals in scouts. I would recommend Liquid Lifestyles for any of the lessons offered. All of the coaches were patient and professional with all of their students.
— Laurie A.

 I Felt So Much Faster and More Efficient!

 I had a good race and finished 3rd in my AG at USAT Nationals and ROCKED THE SWIM! I felt so much faster and more efficient! I focused on head angle, left arm tracking and full exhale underwater and it made a difference! That’s the most fun I’ve had on the swim in a super long time! THANK YOU!!!
— Nancy Lyon-Stadler

Highly Skilled, Conscientious & Invested

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know you could not have been more right about Madeline. She is SO great. She is highly skilled, so conscientious and so “invested” in her students success. I really didn’t believe there was a peer to Daniel, but boy was I wrong!!
— Alan L.

Never Felt Better!

First, let me thank you very much for your instructions and guidance. I am really extremely pleased about our session on Sunday. I felt that I never swam so good. Hand entry, feeling the water core stability and developing pressure on the entire fore arm never felt better. I am also grateful that I know now how to swim butterfly. I tried it many times and it never worked and on Sunday it worked right the first time. So, I really learned big this time.

Again, many thanks for all the coaching and the very clear instructions. I definitely made more progress during your 3 coaching sessions than during the rest of the year during exhaustive training sessions.
— Edouard M.

A Family of Swimmers

You guys taught my kids to swim. You taught me to swim. Today I swam 1 mile with only a breath in between each length. 90 days ago I could only swim 1 length. 2 years ago neither of my kids could swim well, after years of YMCA lessons. Today my 10 year old can compete and my 5 year old can swim multiple lengths of the pool. This is the best swimming program we have ever come across.
— Sam Neider

Improved Technique Aids in Recovery

Wow, My son has already dropped a few seconds with less injuries. Tell your coach I am impressed and grateful to have meet him. He loves it here and his doctor is impressed with how learning the correct technique has helped his shoulder recovery. Your staff is excellent and we have learned so much.
— Kia D.

49 years old and finally enjoying the beauty of water

For 49 years of my life I feared water. I remember as a child hanging onto the side of the pool and just marching around the pool. I remember taking a shower and losing my breath as the water ran over my head. I never dreamed in a million years I would find myself floating on my back and absolutely enjoying it. My only regret at this time is not knowing about Coach Beth sooner. I never thought about learning to swim, I never dreamed it would be an option for me. I would watch my kids swim and my husband and would watch in admiration as they glided across the pool, but never wished I could do it. I loved running, walking and biking, I was happy with that. One day I had a client approach me and ask me about doing a triathlon with her. I just laughed and said that involves swimming if I remember correctly and she said yes. Sorry can’t help you with that. She then told me about Liquid Lifestyles. I told her it is not about learning to swim with me it is about overcoming a long time fear of water. After a couple days of dwelling on her request I decided to email Leah. She told me she had the perfect teacher for me! I met with Beth and as uncomfortable as I was I was extremely comfortable after meeting Beth. There are 2 words that describe Beth. Patient and Positive. I was not easy to teach but she always showed excitement in every little accomplishment. She made overcoming this fear fun. I struggled under water and struggled breathing, I would panic at times and other times just plain look silly in the water like a floppy fish, but every time I felt like I accomplished something big. I am a different person today after spending valuable time with Beth. I am still learning as Rome wasn’t built in a day but I know with working with Beth that it takes time. Everything I am experiencing is normal. After working with Beth I have all the tools I need to better myself as a swimmer and I still have Beth to share the excitement and go to for additional help. I went from hating water to absolutely finding joy in the water.
— Diane W.

Finding the big 'Something'

I had a great time and leaned a lot at the swim clinic in Indy this weekend. I knew I was missing a big ‘something’ with my self-taught swim stroke but had no idea what to do about it. I appreciate the focus that both you and Thom gave me and I’m fired up for my training this winter to meet my fall goals. Many big thanks to you both.
— Craig B.

I am an IRONMAN!

Three years ago I could not swim 25 yards. My first race, before I met you, I was last out of the water, literally, I was the last one to mount my bike. Last year I broke into the top 100 in world rankings for half IronMan distance and now I’ve got a chance at breaking 12 hours in my first full. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude toward you and all your coaches. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.
— Mark Brandt

Engaging Students = Progress

Just wanted to tell you how much we love Coach Thom. My son (5 years old) is doing so well – and has made incredible progress.

Thom engages him and has made it all about fun. He cannot wait for his weekly lesson with “Mr. Thom”.

Thanks again for recommending him!
— Susan M.

Getting Faster... all summer long!

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to train with Daniel. He is a talented coach who relates well with all abilities. Growing up swimming competitively, I thought I only needed pool time but Daniel showed me how to be more efficient and I dropped time all summer. I will certainly be back for next summer.
— Deron S.
Custom Team Clinic.jpg
Thank you again for putting on this amazing clinic for Team In Training and RWB. I heard nothing but positive feedback regarding the seamless organization of the event itself, and the quality of the information shared.
— Alysia Smith / Team In Training

Best $20 Spent!

I felt that the clinic on Saturday afternoon before my first triathlon was the best $20 I spent—the value was amazing. I felt less nervous. And although I need to practice crocodile sighting, and rhythmic strokes, I was able to stay strongwithout panic and remember the many tips given for exiting and entering.
— Barbra S.

Building the Foundation

I was referred to Liquid Lifestyles by a friend of mine at the gym. I am a west sider and met up with Liquid Lifestyles coach Mike Cousino.

I was a very inexperienced swimmer when I met Mike. I did not care for the water, chlorinated or lake, but I wanted to attempt a triathlon. My first lesson, we started with drills. Mike said NO swimming, just drills. I was thrilled. NO SWIMMING! Perfect! This is MY kind of guy! Over time those drills paid off and I could not wait to put all those drills together to actually SWIM!

I’m a terribly impatient person, I don’t take direction very well and I like to be in charge. But Mike is very patient and has a gift—the ability to make a verbal connection and visualization while teaching a skill Mike made something that was very difficult for me seem easy by “building a foundation” very, very slowly. Mike’s teaching style was supportive and enthusiastic.
— Lisa S.

Remaining Calm Amongst the Chaos

I rocked in Muncie. My best time ever! I got kicked at least 20 times. Had my googles pulled off once. I stayed cool and just keep going at a nice steady pace. Hold your breath, I actually enjoyed it. The lake was cold but the suit really helped.

I was so overcome with joy I cried across the finish line. I have biked and run far, but this was the most challenging yet rewarding experience of my life. I’m ever ever so grateful for all your help and patience with my progress.
— Mark B.