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Time of First Affected Service
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1. Communicate with facility management to determine length of pool closure. If the closure is for an undetermined period of time (ie. power outage or weather) use your best judgement when making cancellation decisions. 2. Cancel all PRIVATE/SEMI PRIVATE LESSONS in Pike13. Do not remove the event from the calendar when prompted, check the “Notify Affected Clients” box and add a detailed note regarding the reason for the cancellation. 3. Add a public note on affected GROUP CLASSES notifying participants of the cancellation. Management Team will cancel those classes as staff members don't have that ability in Pike13. 4. Call each affected client or client account manager using the phone number listed in the client’s front desk profile and leave a detailed message if the client does not answer. 5. Post a notice on the appropriate social media channels, if required. 6. Submit the ‘Unexpected Pool Closure’ report on the Coach Portal detailing all the affected clients and services so proper single-use visit passes can be issued. Include any important details surrounding the cancellation. If coaches follow the above procedure they are eligible to add an “Add Payroll Item” for all cancelled same-day services at a rate of $10 per hour.