This report and the corresponding procedures MUST be completed IN REAL TIME to be eligible for pay.

  1. Communicate with facility management to determine length of pool closure. If the closure is for an undetermined period of time (i.e. power outage or weather) use your best judgment when making cancellation decisions. If a cancellation occurs mid-lesson and affects more than 50% of the clients allotted time the following procedures should be followed. Otherwise, the coach should confirm attendance as normal.
    • Create a PUBLIC NOTE (email sent directly to clients) in Pike13 detailing the reason for the cancellation. An example would be:“Unfortunately lessons today have been cancelled due to a power outage at the pool. We will be issuing a Make-Up Pass into your account, valid for the next 6 months. Please call or email us to schedule via the contact information below."
    • CALL all affected clients using the phone number listed under the account manager's profile and leave a detailed message if the client does not answer.
    • POST a notice on the appropriate social media channels, if deemed appropriate.
  3. Submit the Unexpected Pool Closure Report below. Management will then cancel all affected services and issue single-use make-up passes (valid for 6 months) to all monthly plan holders. Pass holders will retain their pass for future use.

** Since the company operates out of multiple locations, it MAY be possible to move the client to a different facility, day or time. If the coach wishes to explore this option, please get management approval first. This action should ONLY be done if the participant agrees to the change, otherwise the default will be to assume the service will be cancelled and NOT rescheduled.

Coach *
Date *
Time of First Affected Service *
Time of First Affected Service
List all pertinent information related to the cancellation(s). Please be specific.
Example: 3:00-3:30 / Private Lesson 3:30-4:00 / LB-2 4:00-5:00 / Freestyle Fundamentals
Confirm Procedure Was Followed *
If coaches follow the above procedure they are eligible to add an “Add Payroll Item” for all cancelled same-day services at a rate of $10 per hour. The “Add Payroll Item” must be submitted by the end of day that the pool experienced an unexpected closure.