Liquid Lifestyles Terms & Conditions (Poli-Seas)

Liquid Lifestyles Terms & Conditions (Poli-Seas)


PURCHASE REQUIREMENT: A purchase of an appropriate pass or plan is required prior to booking a lesson or enrolling in a class.

NON-REFUNDABLE: All pass and plan purchases are non-refundable.

MONTHLY PLANS There are no minimum monthly commitments. Cancel anytime. Recurring monthly payments are automatically billed on the 1st of each month using the stored credit card on file. Should you begin mid-month, your first payment will be prorated accordingly. You can manage your billing preferences online by selecting “Payment Methods” from your dashboard.

MAKEUPS FOR PASS HOLDERS: If Liquid Lifestyles has to cancel your lesson for ANY REASON you will retain your pass and you may reschedule at your convenience.

MAKEUPS FOR MONTHLY PLAN HOLDERS: If Liquid Lifestyles has to cancel your class or appointment for ANY REASON other than for posted holidays or scheduled facility closures, we will provide you with a complimentary MAKE UP PASS for the same or similar value service.

CANCEL ANYTIME: You may cancel your monthly plan at any time. To end your monthly enrollment and stop auto-pay, submit your request using our CANCELLATION REQUEST FORM. You will still be able to use the service until the end of the month in which you cancel. We do not provide refunds or credits for unused time.

PASS EXPIRATION: Single visit and multi-visit passes are non-refundable and expire 6-months from date of purchase.

LATE ARRIVALS: All lessons and classes will run within the scheduled time frame and will not be adjusted due to a late arrival.

NO COACH GUARANTEE: Coach availability and schedules are subject to change without notice. We do not guarantee coach placement or availability and will provide qualified substitutes where and whenever necessary.

PARTNER FACILITY USE: Non-members of partner facilities are required to check in at the front desk. You may only use the pool and locker rooms and only during scheduled lesson times. All other areas and times are strictly prohibited. Clients who disregard this policy put our facility access at risk. As a result,  we reserve the right to discontinue services to clients who violate this policy. 

COMMUNICATIONS: Liquid Lifestyles communicates all schedule updates, reminders, and changes directly from our online scheduling software. It is your responsibility to monitor all text and/or email correspondences that directly relate to your swim services. You can set your notification preferences from the “Notifications” section on your dashboard.


BOOKING LESSONS: You may book online with any coach, location or time (subject to availability) and can transfer as you see fit. You may only book as many lessons as you have purchased.

RECURRING LESSON SCHEDULE: The only way to lock in your lesson’s weekly day and time is to purchase a monthly plan. 

BOOKING DEADLINE: Lessons must be booked online at least 18-hours in advance.

LESSON SHARING: Sharing lessons amongst immediate family members is allowed. Scheduling of shared lessons must be managed online by the account holder.

SCHEDULING SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS: Book the first swimmer into the semi-private lesson online, then let us know who the second swimmer will be by emailing us. We will manually add them to the lesson. It is the responsibility of the individual booking the semi-private lesson to verify that the other participant is available. Once booked, it is assumed that both swimmers will attend each scheduled lesson.

LESSON CANCELLATIONS/NO SHOWS: Pass holders may cancel their appointment online anytime up to 18-hours prior to your scheduled lesson. Cancellations must be done online. Text messages, emails, and phone calls are not acceptable methods of canceling. Pass holders who cancel less than 18-hours in advance or no-show an appointment, for any reason, will have a visit deducted from their pass. Monthly plan holders have reserved their weekly day/time and as such are not eligible for individual cancellations, a visit will be deducted from their monthly plan whether they attend the lesson or not.


ENROLLMENT IN GROUP CLASSES: Enrollment can begin at any time on a first come, first serve basis for the next available class. Reserving space for a future class risks being bumped by someone who reserves the spot for an earlier start date. Should you begin enrollment mid-month your first payment will be prorated accordingly. Group classes average 4 lessons per month. Holidays, scheduled facility closures and months with 5 weeks will impact the total number of lessons delivered in any given month. 

GROUP CLASS SCHEDULE: Participants will remain scheduled weekly on their respective day and time, on a continual monthly basis, until the monthly plan is canceled or a transfer request is made.

CLASS TRANSFERS: You may transfer to a different class level, coach, location or time that best fits your needs (subject to availability). Submit your transfer request online TRANSFER REQUEST FORM. Consult with your coach if you have questions on appropriate placement.

CLASS SCHEDULE CHANGES: Liquid Lifestyles reserves the right to cancel, change or consolidate group classes.

MISSED CLASSES: Due to the nature of group classes and our facility arrangements, we are unable to provide you with a MAKE-UP pass for any classes that you miss, regardless of the reason.