CLASS TYPE: Beginner
AGE: 2.5 – 10 yrs.
DURATION: 30-minutes
PLAN OPTIONS: 1 or 2 classes per week


For children with no prior swimming experience, or who show resistance and have anxiety around the water, our Liquid Bubbles® 1 class is the right start. Using interactive games and engaging pool toys, our instructors encourage aquatic COMFORT and basic swimming skills by first creating positive engagement with the water. Safety techniques, potentially life-saving maneuvers and the primary swimming skills of breath control, buoyancy and propulsion are reinforced during every activity. All of our Liquid Bubbles® 1 classes have a maximum of 2 students per instructor so we can give full attention to the unique needs of our beginner level swimmers.

* PLEASE NOTE: Liquid Bubbles® 1 is divided into two separate classes by age: 2.5 – 4 yrs. and 5 – 10 yrs.


  • Can sit safely and unassisted on the pool edge for a minimum of 2 minutes

  • Has the physical capacity to support oneself while holding onto the pool edge and is able to move along the wall independently

  • Is able to climb out of the pool unassisted


  • Create HAPPY SWIMMERS that enjoy the water!

  • Overcome anxiety and increase comfort underwater using interactive games, dive toys and play

  • Develop good breath control via “Bubble Cheeks”

  • Experience relaxed movement and buoyancy in various aquatic positions (front and back)

  • Learn how to safely enter the pool and navigate to exit

  • Practice safe and independent jumps with return swim back to the wall

  • Continual reinforcement of pool safety rules and importance of boundaries

Recurring Monthly Enrollment
1 x week: $119/month
2 x week: $199/month


If our posted group class schedule doesn't work for you, you can always BOOK A PRIVATE LESSON and get started right away with a coach, location and time that is right for you.