CLASS TYPE: Intermediate
AGE: 2.5 – 10 yrs.
DURATION: 30-minutes
PLAN OPTIONS: 1 or 2 classes per week


If your child loves the water, comfortably floats on their back and can swim short distances with their face in the water, then consider our Liquid Bubbles® 2 class. Using targeted exercises that develop foundational swimming skills your child will learn to work WITH water’s natural forces to experience INDEPENDENCE and gain confidence in a variety of key swimming and safety positions. Curriculum emphasis is placed on improving breath management and underwater swimming skills, developing effective propulsion and balancing techniques and encouraging proper air exchange during the “rollover” and “pop-up” exercises.

* PLEASE NOTE: Liquid Bubbles® 2 is divided into two separate classes by age: 2.5 – 4 yrs. and 5 – 10 yrs.


  • Demonstrates consistent underwater breath control and can retrieve dive toys 36” deep with minimal assistance and without goggles

  • Can comfortably back float for 10 seconds unassisted

  • Safely and independently jumps into the water (with complete submersion) and can swim a short distance back to the wall unassisted

* Please consider our Liquid Bubbles 1 class if your child does not meet ALL of the above requirements


  • Improve breath management skills and develop rhythmic air exchange with introduction of NOSE BUBBLES!

  • Learn independent and sustainable swimming techniques for ONE FULL LENGTH of:

    • "Bubble Roll-Ups" (using both “pop-up” and rollover breathing techniques)

    • Elementary Backstroke basics

  • Develop functional flutter kicks, proper balance and alignment (front and back) to prepare for future stroke development

  • Independent retrieval of dive toys 36” deep from surface dive with nose bubbles and return swim to wall

  • Introduction of treading water and reinforcement of pool safety rules

Recurring Monthly Enrollment
1 x week: $85/month
2 x week: $139/month


If our posted group class schedule doesn't work for you, you can always BOOK A PRIVATE LESSON and get started right away with a coach, location and time that is right for you.