CLASS TYPE: Parent & Child
AGE: 19 – 35 mos.
DURATION: 30-minutes
PLAN OPTIONS: 1 or 2 classes per week


Share in your child’s enjoyment and experience their many learn-to-swim milestones in our Baby Bubbles™ 2 class. Our instructors nurture a learn-through-play environment with fun and developmentally appropriate swimming activities to create POSITIVE EXPERIENCES for both the parent and child. Learn how the innate reflexes of the child and the naturally occurring aquatic forces of water provide the best tools for establishing fundamental swimming skills. This class will further prepare your child for continued success in our Liquid Bubbles® program and set the foundation for a lifetime of swimming enjoyment!

DID YOU KNOW? Baby sign language is introduced in all of our Baby Bubbles classes! Signs include:



  • Child should be a steady walker

  • Parent or caregiver joins child in the water

  • Swim diaper required


  • Provide a safe and fun environment for the parent & child to discover water's natural forces

  • Develop learned responses by supporting and recognizing various inborn reflexes

  • Encourage water exploration through songs, games and lots of colorful toys

  • Introduce the parent to basic holding techniques for use on deck and in the water

  • Teach safe techniques for submersion and recovery

  • Reinforce boundaries and pool safety rules in and out of the water

Recurring Monthly Enrollment
1 x week: $85/month
2 x week: $139/month