Experience the Liquid N' Durance difference!

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR ALL POOL & OPEN WATER PRACTICES / You do NOT need to be a facility member to participate in any LND practice. Practices may be cancelled if no clients have registered at least two hours prior to class start time.

 $10 "Drop-In" or $54/Month Unlimited Plan

Liquid N' durance

COACHED swim practices that are designed specifically for ADULT endurance athletes interested in improving stroke technique, speed & racing strategies. Each workout challenges you to intelligently integrate speed & endurance into your training routines without compromising form & efficiency. All practices will have a certified Liquid Lifestyles coach providing athletes with specialized, time-effective workout plans, conditioning and stroke development drills, goal setting and individualized instruction. TRIATHLON SPECIFIC SKILLS are frequently incorporated into the workout design to ensure our athletes are prepared for their next race. These are not stock workouts and we guarantee that no two practices will ever be the same! With expert guidance from an experienced coach you are sure to reach your personal fitness or competitive swimming goals. All adult swimmers dedicated to improving their overall fitness, health and wellness through swimming are invited to join our team. Come prepared to train SMARTER, swim FASTER and HAVE FUN!

LND - Open Water

Structured 60-min swim workouts for athletes interested in escaping the pool and improving their open water swimming skills. Challenge yourself with a marked buoy course and specific workout designs from a Liquid Lifestyles coach! All LND open water practices are included in the Monthly Unlimited Plan.


Thursdays / 6:30-7:30pm @ Lake Medina

*All participants should be proficient swimming 500 yards continuously and comfortably in deep water. Beginner swimmers interested in learning open water swim skills should first participate in one of our signature OPEN WATER SWIM CLINICS prior to participating in the LND training sessions.

United States Masters Swimming

We encourage all swimmers to register with United States Masters Swimming. Join or renew your membership and please select Liquid N' Durance (LND) as your club affiliation. Membership benefits include access to coached workout groups nationwide, sponsor discounts, a bimonthly subscription to USMS SWIMMER Magazine, access to exclusive articles, forums and MORE! Registration will automatically cover you with the group's accident and liability insurance for practices, meets and approved activities. If you are unsure of your USMS ID # you can locate it in the Membership Directory.

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So, I was up at 5:30 am on a very cold, snowy Saturday morning to drive over an hour to my first LND Masters Swim Workout.

All worth it.

I swam for 90 minutes & loved every moment! Thanks Liquid Lifestyles Swimming for helping me swim with purpose, efficiency, & enjoyment. This is truly life changing!
— Rachel H.