CLASS TYPE: Pre-Competitive / Entry Level
AGE: 6+ yrs.
DURATION: 30-minutes
PLAN OPTIONS: 1 or 2 classes per week


If you child is just shy of growing gills and already demonstrates basic stroke proficiencies and breath control then our Liquid Bronze™ class is the perfect fit! With a greater emphasis on TECHNIQUE, this level prepares young swimmers for a swim team environment while instilling lifelong safety and swimming efficiency. Waterproof headsets are available for the on-deck coach to provide continuous feedback and real-time stroke corrections to each swimmer during every activity . Sequences learned in this class set the foundation for developing all 4 competitive strokes (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle). Technical skills are reinforced through continual repetition and safety check-ups are performed regularly.


  • Confidently pass the Liquid Bubbles 5-Star Safety Test™ in under 15 minutes:

  1. PROFICIENT KICKING: 3 lengths (75 yards) of continuous kicking, demonstrating propulsive and effective leg movements. One length each of Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke. All kicks must be considered legal by USA Swimming Guidelines.

  2. STROKE PROFICIENCY - FREESTYLE: 1 length (25 yards) of continuous full stroke Freestyle. Swimmer must demonstrate consistent and sustainable movements with proficient breathing techniques and alignment.

  3. STROKE PROFICIENCY - BACKSTROKE: 1 length (25 yards) of full stroke Backstroke. Swimmer must maintain proper balance and consistently demonstrate propulsive kicks and controlled movements.

  4. UNDERWATER SWIM: Confidently swim 1 length (25 yards) below the surface with a maximum of 5 pop-up breaths. Swim must be smooth and with controlled breathing.

  5. DEEP WATER TREAD & RETRIEVAL: Wall jump followed by 1 minute of treading water followed by surface dive to object at minimum 5 feet deep (no goggles or cap).

* Please consider our Liquid Bubbles 3 class if your child does not meet the above requirements


  • Long-axis Freestyle & Backstroke basics

  • Short-axis Breaststroke & Butterfly basics

  • Learn basic drill progressions & relative terms used in competitive swimming

  • Introduction to competitive starts, turns and finishes

  • Learn USA Swimming Regulations

Recurring Monthly Enrollment
1 x week: $85/month
2 x week: $139/month

Even though Su-Kyi has only attended the Bronze level for a couple of classes, we can already see the vast improvement in her strokes. She enjoys each and every class. She won the Rookie of the Year Award from the Westside Waves swim team and is very excited and even more motivated! I credit her hard work and Liquid Lifestyles for all that you do.
— Anthony N.


If our posted group class schedule doesn't work for you, you can always BOOK A PRIVATE LESSON and get started right away with a coach, location and time that is right for you.