CLASS TYPE: Fitness Swimmers & Triathletes
AGE: Teens & Adults
DURATION: 1-hour per week / 5 weeks


For fitness swimmers and triathletes serious about learning proper freestyle stroke mechanics and increasing their overall efficiency, comfort and control in the water. This 5-week class will progress using time-tested sequences that focus on the fundamental swimming principles of balance, length, rotation and timing.


  • Can swim 100 yards continuously (any stroke)

  • Comfortable underwater and in deep water

  • Interested in improving FREESTYLE efficiency


  • Develop proper Freestyle techniques with focused drill progressions and whole-stroke practice

  • Increase efficiency and speed through improved balance, length, rotation and timing

  • Translate rotational power into forward motion and define specific stroke timing techniques for the Exit, Recovery, Entry, Catch & Pull

  • Integrate bi-lateral rhythmic breathing techniques and timing

  • Heightened body awareness and self-critique

* Please register early. Great classes get cancelled because of late registration. If enrollment is not at our established minimum we will cancel the class.

5-Week Course / $199

I recently completed the Freestyle Fundamentals course and I feel that my abilities improved significantly. The experience exceeded my expectations and I found it to be an excellent value as well. This is my second year competing in triathlon and wish I would have connected with Liquid Lifestyles sooner; would have saved me time & effort.
— Neal H.
I really enjoyed the swim class and feel like it was very beneficial for me. I definitely learned the basics of freestyle technique and am looking forward to practicing and continued improvement. My coaches did a nice job of teaching and encouraging us and it was much appreciated.
— Jerry K.


If our posted group class schedule doesn't work for you, you can always BOOK A PRIVATE LESSON and get started right away with the coach, location and time that is right for you.