CLASS TYPE: Anxious Beginners
AGE: Adult
DURATION: 1-hour per week / 5 weeks


This class teaches adults to embrace the water and find comfort in its surrounds. Our coaches use hands-on methods to guide students to understand the properties of water in order to move smoothly and confidently through it. Through guided discovery exercises our coaches will introduce relaxed breathing techniques and basic balance positions. Sculling, treading, kicking, and basic safety measures are also taught. The instructor remains in the water with the students at all times.


  • Beginner swimmer with no prior experience

  • Fear & anxiety around water

  • Does not like to put face underwater

  • Uncomfortable in deep water


  • Guided discovery drills to examine & overcome fears

  • Relaxed breathing techniques in and under the water

  • Introduction to basic balancing positions and self-propulsion techniques

  • Effortless front & back kick and glides

5-Week Course / $299

I’ve had nothing but an amazing experience in my adult Square One classes. I came into my classes with a massive fear of water, and was unable to do even the simplest of things, such as put my head underwater or float. Within three months, I’ve learned to tread water, swim the length of the pool, and feel much more confident in my ability to float or resort to techniques to keep myself safe in the water. As an adult I was nervous to register for classes and unsure of what to expect, but Coach Beth has been incredibly patient and resourceful with her approach to making me feel comfortable in the water. I would endlessly recommend the classes, as they gave me the little boost forward I needed to feel comfortable in the water and to push me to want to do swimming regularly.
— Ashley L.
Last evening I completed the “Square One” adult swim class, and I just wanted to provide a quick comment on the class.

After watching a triathlon this summer, I decided that the sport looked like too much fun not to get involved with. The only problem is I don’t know how to swim. Numerous failed attempts at swim lessons in my youth along with a general anxiety around water left me wondering if learning to swim was even possible. But I found the Liquid Lifestyles “Square One” class and decided to give it one last try.

Lucky for me the coach was Thom Parsons, who proved to be not only an excellent swim coach and but an all-around good guy. Thom has a real gift for teaching swimming with the ability to explain and demonstrate complex movements in a simple and understandable way. I thoroughly enjoyed his instruction and learned so much over the last five weeks. He made every lesson something that I actually looked forward to each week, which is something that I could have never imagined I would say about a swim class prior to enrolling.

After completing this class, I have the confidence that with more practice (and classes) that I will not only be able to swim, but to swim well. At age 48, I wondered if it was too late for me to ever learn how to swim or if I should just give up trying. I’m thankful for Liquid Lifestyles adult swim classes and for not giving up on adults like me.

Best Regards
— Paul


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