Freestyle 1-Day Transformation

Enjoy continuous and permanent improvement in your stroke efficiency for years to come!

If you want to learn how to swim faster and train smarter with greater ease and less struggle then we recommend you experience the Liquid Lifestyles full day freestyle clinic. In 1 day you will develop a complete understanding of freestyle stroke mechanics, learn how to effectively train for speed and endurance and leave with a personalized plan for improvement. Benefit from our hands-on instructional techniques, low student to coach ratio and generous underwater videotaping throughout the day.


  • Ability to Swim 50-100 Yards non-stop
  • Comfortable in Deep Water

Essential skills for everyday swimming! 

This technique-training day is designed for fitness and competitive athletes alike who are serious about learning proper freestyle stroke mechanics and increasing their overall efficiency, comfort and control in the water. Using a time-tested sequence that focuses on the fundamental swimming principles of balance, length, rotation and timing we will transform how your body moves through water and save you energy along the way! Our coaches will be in the water providing you with constructive hands-on feedback and demonstrating simple solutions to solving common swimming puzzles. With an increased level of body awareness and our well-choreographed drill progression you’ll become your own best coach and enjoy lifelong improvement in you stroke efficiency!

* Please register early. Great classes get cancelled because of late registration. If enrollment is not at our established minimum we will cancel the class.


PRICE: $199 per Workshop or $349 for 2 X Pass / Group Class Policy

Just want to give a shout out to the awesome Weekend Clinic held in Harrisburg this past weekend. The power points and videos gave us the opportunity to visualize what we were going to do before we did it. The drills were streamlined into those that were most beneficial and they built upon the prior one so they’re easy to remember. The progression was seamless. The video analysis was quite eye opening and helped solidify what we’re aiming for in our stroke and overall form. Getting to do an entire structured workout and learning to use the tempo trainer were lots of fun and so beneficial. We were so focused that the time flew right by. The icing on the cake for me was leaving with a plan—what to do next and in the coming months. Lots of ideas were shared on how to structure our workouts. My SPL went from 33 on Day 1 to 20 on Day 2—the transformation felt amazing! Thank you SO much! The weekend was worth every penny. The foundation established is one I can now build upon for the rest of my life. Thanks!!
— Julie M.