Learning to swim can be one of childhood's most rewarding experiences. It is also a necessary life skill for safety and fun in and around the water. Our Liquid Bubbles® Learn-to-Swim Program is a proven, progressive approach that instructs advanced swimming skills and techniques using a child-friendly curriculum. Our program is designed to teach proper and controlled swimming movements from the start. Using developmentally appropriate skill activities, our step-by-step teaching style makes learning fun and sets the foundation for a lifetime of swimming enjoyment and proficiency!

Our group classes have a maximum capacity of 4 and run on a continual monthly basis. There are no pre-determined number of sessions per level, so each child can “move-up” at the exact right time when he or she is ready. This flexibility allows for advancement based upon the demonstrated skill and comfort of each child and promotes EXCELLENCE rather than mediocrity.

By improving the way swimming is taught and practiced, Liquid Lifestyles® produces results far faster and develops skills that will last a lifetime.

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