While putting on a swim cap may seem daunting and unnecessary, it is important that all participants wear one when enrolled in our programs.  Here is why:

For swimmers with long hair, it keeps hair out of their eyes.  When you are constantly distracted by hair in your line of sight or hair in your mouth you will inevitably have trouble concentrating on stroke mechanics and proper breathing techniques. Seeing underwater and unobstructed breathing is critical to aquatic comfort.

The cap keeps goggles from slipping off your head and getting tangled in hair.  A swim cap is necessary to maintain comfort, minimize distraction and ensure focus on the coach and the lesson’s curriculum.

Mindset.  Liquid Lifestyles coaches offer premier swim instruction that spans from beginner swimmers to elite athletes. Our clients are provided with skills and techniques that will last a life time. As such, we want to create a fun, yet disciplined, learning environment.  Teaching water safety is a life-saving skill and having a high standard in the training and appearance of our swimmers is paramount.

Safety.  Our coaches and swimmers are fortunate to have access to a network of partner facilities. On any given day there may be a variety of programming occurring simultaneously in the pool. The Liquid Lifestyles swim caps allow our staff to quickly identify all of our participants and maintain safe lines of sight. In open water settings a highly visible swim cap is even more critical to the safety of each individual.

If you or your child are struggling with a swim cap, please practice putting it on at home.  This habit will increase familiarity with the cap and decrease any associated anxiety in a short period of time.