Some of us have bigger heads than others, but the average human head weighs 10-11 pounds.  Now what does this have to do with swimming?  Picture this:  I come to the pool with a bowling ball and ask you to hold it up as you swim.  How difficult would that be?  Yet many swimmers do exactly that; instead of using the water's density to support the weight of the head, they carry the extra burden by holding their heads up. The difference in load bearing is about 8% of body weight.  Imagine the energy wasted, energy that instead should be devoted to moving forward.

Even if your face is in the water, you may be swimming with your head too high.  Here are some simple clues to look for:  

1.  You are looking forward instead of down.

2.  Your hips and/or legs are sinking.

3.  Most of your cap or hair remains dry.

4.  Your neck hurts after you swim.

Proper head position should be the #1 priority of swimmers and their coaches.  Where is your head these days?


                                                                                                 --Coach Beth