Even as a professional swim coach, I often find it challenging to get to the pool to get my own workouts in. One of the barriers I encounter is getting all of my stuff together early in the morning or if I only have a short window of time during the day. Spending 10-15 minutes trying to find my swim suit, goggles, tempo trainer or toiletries might be the difference in whether or not I have time to fit in a swim. As a solution to this dilemma, I put together three fully packed swim bags so I can just grab 'n go on a moments notice. I had multiples of almost everything to begin with but I did buy three packs of the 3-ounce silicone bottles for shampoo, body-wash and lotion so that I am not constantly searching for and transporting the big bottles of the stuff, plus a couple of extra suits and goggles. If I was buying everything from scratch the total bill would have been $345 (excluding towels and my Tom Tom Multisport). Everything can be purchased from SwimOutlet.com except the silicone, leak proof travel bottles. I picked those up on Amazon