While coordinating swims with a similarly-paced partner is a great way to improve comfort and endurance Liquid Lifestyles also encourages swimmers to challenge themselves by incorporating structured workouts to their open water training regime.  By participating in our Liquid N’Durance 60-minute, coached workouts, swimmers will experience increased speed, power and efficiency in the water.  

Check out the benefits of structured open water swim practices below:

  1. Race Day Comfort – By practicing in a simulated race course, complete with buoys, swimmers can improve their sighting and buoy turn skills at each practice.  Learning to stay on course is a challenge for many, so perfecting your sighting is key to an efficient race.
  2. Speed Interval Training – Just like cycling and running, swimming can be improved by tempo and speed workouts.  Having a coach there to provide speed-specific workouts and motivation is an excellent way to improve your race time.  Swimming with people of differing abilities also helps many swimmers push themselves a bit further than they would otherwise swim.
  3. Increased Stroke Efficiency – A coach can determine many technique improvements to a swimmer’s stroke, even in an open water environment.  Without a second set of eyes reviewing your technique, it may be difficult for a swimmer to know where improvements can be made.  Remember – the less strokes you have to take to get to the swim finish, The more energy you will have for the bike and run!!

All open water practices are included in the LND Monthly Plan or for $10 drop in. 

* While we encourage all swim speeds to participate in the open water workouts it is recommended that all participants be proficient swimming 500 yards continuously and comfortably in deep water. Beginner swimmers interested in learning open water swim skills should first participate in one of our signature OPEN WATER SWIM CLINICS prior to participating in the LND training sessions.

Look forward to swimming in the lake with you soon!