Enrolling your child in Liquid Bubbles swimming lessons is a critical step in developing your child’s comfort in and awareness of aquatic environments.  Whether your child is enrolled in private lessons or a group class, Liquid Lifestyles’ highly-trained coaches, through the use of intuitive curriculum, will teach your child important life-saving skills in a comfortable, safe pool environment.  Learning is fun and easy when it’s “Swimming Simplified!”

Here is what you need to know about preparing for your first lesson: 

Set expectations with your child beforehand.

Some of our facilities require parents to remain in a waiting area while your child is taking their lesson.  This policy is in place to ensure safety of all pool patrons, as some facilities have space constraints.  Talk to your child about the idea of you being in the waiting room during the lesson so he or she is not surprised when they cannot see you during the lesson.

You will be given the opportunity to speak with the coach at the end of the lesson when your coach will review your child’s progress at the end the lesson.  You can also use this opportunity to ask questions of your coach.

Arrive early.

Liquid Lifestyles requires all children in Liquid Bubbles 1 and beyond to wear swim caps and goggles.  For more information about why we have this requirement, click here.  Liquid Lifestyles provides a Liquid Bubbles swim cap for all participants, but it is the customer’s responsibility to purchase goggles.  Goggles are available for purchase on the pool deck.  Just ask your coach for a pair!

The coach will show you how to put on the swim cap and goggles properly.  The purchase process and demonstration may take a few minutes, so it be best to arrive early for your lesson to ensure a prompt start time.

Your child may become uneasy before or during the lesson.

Oftentimes, a young child will become uneasy at some point before or during the lesson.  This is understandable, as the pool environment can be new, different or a bit overwhelming to a small child.  Our coaches are trained to help ease your child’s concerns.  Tactics include distraction, fun, singing, etc., but please know the lesson will continue even if your child sheds some tears. 

If you are located at a pool that allows parents on deck, it is possible that the coach may ask you to leave the area in the event your client is upset.  Why?  Your child looks to you as their parent or guardian for love and support at all times.  By being able to see their parent, a distraught child loses interest in the lesson and focuses solely on the parent.  Your Liquid Bubbles coach wants the opportunity to bond with your child and be viewed as a trustworthy adult.  This process is made easier when the child’s focus remains with the coach. 

Usually once the parent leaves the area, the child realizes the lesson will continue and their objections cease by the end of the 30-minute period. 


Strong-willed children may continue to fret through the first couple of lessons.  This is normal, and we ask that parents please continue to bring their child to lessons several more times, as it is not advisable to validate the child’s protests by ending swim lessons.  Swimming is a necessary and life-saving skill all caregivers want their child to master.  We at Liquid Lifestyles can work through the tears as long as the parent allows us!

Talk to your child about the lesson, the importance of swimming and about how much fun they can have in the water.  Most parents notice an increase in confidence and appreciation for the water after several lessons.  Our goal is to have every Liquid Bubbles participant develop a life-long love of swimming, and we will work with you and your child to ensure we met this goal.

Happy Swimming!