What sets Liquid Lifestyles® apart from other swim companies?

Our COACHES. Liquid Lifestyles® hires only the most knowledgeable and passionate swim coaches in the industry. Each coach is hand-selected for their extensive coaching experience and their extraordinary ability to communicate and simplify skills through our process-driven approach. Many of our coaches are professional educators that have chosen to make careers out of their love of swimming and teaching. This dedication creates long-term relationships with our clients and produces phenomenal results!

Our PROCESS. Our coaches follow a specialized curriculum for each course, which expedites the learning process and the clients’ swimming proficiencies. The curriculum is based on over 20 years of in-water training and research, but is also dynamic, allowing for the latest ideas and training methods to be implemented on a continual basis.  Each Liquid Lifestyles® coach brings their unique skill sets to every class, enabling clients to have a truly one-of-a-kind experience every time they visit the pool or open water. By improving the way swimming is taught and practiced, Liquid Lifestyles® produces results far faster than conventional methods.

We are swimmers who love to swim and coaching is our passion. Jump on in and let us help you achieve your swimming goals!

Do I need any previous swimming experience?

Absolutely not! We offer private and group class options for ALL ages and ALL ability levels, from the most anxious children and adults, to elite athletes and everyone in between!  We take a hands-on approach to teach the fundamental principles of proper breathing, balance and feel for water. You'll gain the comfort and confidence to create a positive, long-term relationship with the water and develop skills that will last a lifetime!. 

How do I know which class or level to enroll in? 

Every service we offer includes a detailed course description, prerequisites and defines the primary class focus. View Class Descriptions

However, if you are still unsure of the correct class, level or coach, let us help you! Call us at 216-543-4181 or complete the online forms below to schedule an Initial Consultation (Adult) or Children's Trial Class Visit.

An Initial Consultation provides you with an opportunity to meet one-on-one with a Liquid Lifestyles® Coach.  The coach will discuss your swim experience and goals and have you perform a series of in-water exercises to determine the appropriate class or course of action to meet your needs.

Trial Classes for Children are specially-priced for new customers who want to try out a group class, but aren’t quite sure if our program or class level is right for them. These 30-minute sessions are scheduled in existing classes and are subject to availability. If there isn't an opportunity for a Trial Class, a Private Initial Consultation is also an option.

Do I need to be a member of the facility where my class is located?

No, membership is NOT required at any of our partnering facilities. Non-members of partner facilities are required to check in at the front desk and may be asked to sign-in. The facility staff will direct you where to go. Liquid Lifestyles® participants are permitted to use the pool and locker room facilities during their lesson times only. All other areas and times are strictly prohibited. USE OF RESTRICTED AREAS MAY JEOPARDIZE FACILITY RELATIONSHIPS AND RESULT IN TERMINATION OF CLIENT CONTRACTS.

Are swim caps and goggles required?

Yes, swim caps and googles are required. We will supply each participant with their first Liquid Lifestyles® silicone swim cap, free of charge. Additional caps can be purchased at any time for $10. Both adult and children sized caps are available. You are required to supply your own goggles. We sell a variety of goggles on the pool deck.  Purchases can be made directly on deck via credit card or charged to the credit card you have on file in your account. Cash is not accepted.

Why do we require swim caps?

What is the client-to-coach ratio in group classes?

Most group classes have a max capacity of 4 clients to one coach. Notable exceptions to the 4:1 ratio include:

  • Square One™ = 2:1

  • Liquid Bubbles® 1 = 2:1

  • Liquid N' Durance™ Masters = 15:1

  • Freestyle Clinics, Open Water Skills Clinics & Specialty Clinics = determined based on location, skill level and curriculum

We also offer private (1:1) lessons and semi-private (2:1) lesson options for all ages and abilities.

How long will it take me or my child to advance to the next level?

Progression is based upon successful demonstration of specific skills, not a predetermined number of lessons. Each client is different, so there is no way to predict how quickly any one person will advance through each level.  Some individuals may take longer than others to obtain comfort with the skill sets of each class.  It is Liquid Lifestyles’® belief that consistent attendance and practice in between lessons are critical in achieving one’s swimming goals.

Our children’s program is continuous, with no pre-determined number of sessions, and without any set “testing days.”  Clients will only advance when the coach feels that the swimmer has properly mastered the required skills. This system prevents the coach from feeling the unnecessary haste and pressure to “pass” or “graduate” a student using sub-par techniques.  Each child “moves-up” at the exact right time when he or she is ready. This flexibility allows for advancement based upon the demonstrated skills and comfort of each child and promotes EXCELLENCE rather than mediocrity.

Our adult classes are more structured, being 5 weeks in length. When appropriate, some clients may choose to repeat a course or take a few extra private lessons prior to advancing to the next level.

Do I get a make-up if I miss a scheduled class?

We are focused on providing our swimmers the best experience possible! When you enroll into our monthly program, your lesson/class time is held exclusively for you or your child each week. You are paying to secure your time, not your attendance. The consistency of attending your regularly scheduled class is one of the keys to your progress and swimming success. If you find that you are regularly missing classes we encourage you to submit a TRANSFER REQUEST form so that we may help you find a time that is more convenient for you.

Liquid Lifestyles does not offer make-ups for several reasons:

CONSISTENCY - Consistent class attendance is important for the student's comfort and for their ability to learn and retain skills. Class consistency is also important for the coach, so they can better understand the unique needs and goals of each student.

DISRUPTIVE - In our experience, students that "drop-in" to an existing class can drastically change the class dynamics, causing distraction and disrupting the regular rhythm. This is not fair to the other families or the coaches. These frustrations are amplified if the coach and the student are unfamiliar with each other.

SMALL CLASS SIZE - Liquid Lifestyles strongly believes in the value of small class sizes. Offering make-ups would require that we add students to existing classes thereby reducing the individual attention that would otherwise be provided. This is something we won’t compromise.

LIMITED SPACE - Our classes are very popular and if we allowed for make-ups in open classes, it would prevent other families from signing up. 

RESPECT FOR OUR TALENTED COACHES - Our coaches are our greatest asset and is what truly sets us apart. We are able to hire and retain the very best staff, for the highest pay, by giving our coaches consistent schedules and respecting their time, regardless of class attendance.

NO ANNUAL FEES, NO CONTRACTS & CANCEL ANYTIME - We hope you understand the rationale behind our policy and that it is fashioned in the best interest of the student, our coaches, and all other affected families. And while we do not offer make-up classes, please keep in mind that we also do not charge annual membership dues, do not require any long term contracts, and you can cancel at any time without incurring any cancellation fees.

As a courtesy to your coach, if you are unable to attend an individual session you may email your coach to give them a heads up.


What if my class falls on a holiday or scheduled pool closure?

Our monthly plan prices are based upon receiving 48 sessions annually, not 52, as we have already accounted for holidays and scheduled closures. This averages out to 4 classes per month. We do not prorate for months with 3 sessions, just as we don’t charge extra for months that have 5 sessions.

In the case of an unexpected pool closure (i.e. inclement weather or other pool emergency), clients will receive a single visit pass equal to the service cancelled or the equivalent.

If you purchased a single or multi-use PASS and need to cancel you must do so online at least 18 hours prior to your scheduled appointment or a visit will be deducted. 

How do I change or cancel my enrollment?

There are no monthly commitments or cancellation fees when you join our program. Should you need to change class times/levels or need to withdrawal from the program just visit our CURRENT CLIENTS link and complete the online forms.

Submit a request to transfer to a different day, time, location, class level or coach using our online Transfer Request Form. Please note that all requests are subject to availability.

To cancel your monthly enrollment and stop auto-pay, notify us using our online Cancellation Request Form. Cancellation notifications must be received prior to your next auto-payment (typically the 1st of the month). You will still be able to use the service until the end of the month in which you cancel. We do not provide refunds or credits for unused time.

My child was upset during the entire lesson, what should we do?

Be patient. Be consistent. It is normal for a child to be nervous before and during class, especially when the pool environment is new or unfamiliar to the child.  Our coaches are trained to handle all types of situations and will know how to help the child overcome their reservations. Sometimes this may take a few sessions. The best way to help your child overcome their fears and develop lifelong swimming skills is to continue coming to classes. With consistency, the coach can begin to develop a good rapport with the child, better understand their likes and dislikes, and help the child find familiarity and comfort with the new skills.

Why was I asked to leave the pool area during my child's lesson?

In some cases it is strictly a matter of facility rules. Some of our partner facilities require parents or guardians to wait in a designated viewing area. This separation may be required due to limited deck space, to limit distractions, and to keep all swimmers and facility patrons safe. We kindly request that all Liquid Lifestyles® swimmers adhere to each facility’s rules in order to continue our positive working relationship with the partner facility.

In other cases, the coach may ask the parent or guardian to wait out of sight if the child is becoming too distracted by the parent or guardian’s presence. It is normal for young children to cry and express fear during the first few weeks of lessons. However, when a distraught child is able to readily see their parent in close proximity, they become so focused on them that they completely disengage from the class and the coach.  Your Liquid Lifestyles® coach needs the opportunity to bond with your child and be viewed as a trustworthy adult.  This process is made easier when the coach does not have to “compete” for the attention of the child. Usually, when the parent leaves the immediate area and is out of sight, the child's objections begin to cease and the coach can start developing a positive relationship with the child.