This quiz was super helpful and I realized how much new stuff has been added to the site and how much I didn’t know.
— Coach Madeline
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Where can a Liquid Lifestyles COACH find important work documents, training videos and curriculum progressions? *
What is the main phone number for Liquid Lifestyles? *
What is the main phone number for Liquid Lifestyles?
An adult client explains to you that they travel frequently for work and their weekly schedule is not consistent. What service would you recommend they purchase? *
What links that can be found in the website footer? *
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What is the price per month for a 1x per week Liquid Bubbles 1 (LB-1) group class? *
What is the price for all of our other Bubbles/Medals classes (1x per week)? *
A potential adult client wants to participate in their first triathlon and has never had formal instruction. The client is comfortable in deep water and can swim 100 yards consistently but with poor technique. What 5-week course do you recommend? What is the class size and price of this class? *
A client wants to know how much their bill will be per month for 30-minute private lessons (assume they are on a monthly plan). *
On what day of each month are recurring monthly payments collected? *
What 2 locations can the Liquid Lifestyles Terms & Conditions be found on the website? *
List at least 3
Clients can book private lessons directly on the website by going to: *
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A potential adult client is fearful of the water and wants to finally conquer their phobia. What class would you recommend? *
Gift Certificates can be purchased via our online store. Which statements are TRUE? *
Check all that apply.
A client wants to know why swim caps are required for our program. We have a detailed response authored on our website BLOG. What are the main reasons we require swim caps? *
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A child is ready to move up to the next group class level. What do you instruct the parent to do? *
Liquid Lifestyles is closed for holidays and scheduled pool closures. Links to these dates can be found where? *
How much notice is required to cancel a Monthly Plan? *
You are going on a 2-week vacation and will not be able to coach your scheduled lessons. How do you inform management and how much notice is required? *
You wake up with a horrible headache and fever. What do you do?
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You need to confirm your lessons but are drawing a blank on how to complete this procedure. What should be your first step? *
You are in the middle of conducting your group class when lightning is sighted. The lifeguard on duty requires all swimmers to get out, and the pool will be closed for at least the next 30 minutes. What do you do? *
Check all that apply
You are leading an open water clinic when one of the swimmers starts complaining about chest pain. An ambulance is called to get the swimmer to the hospital. What document do you need to complete? *
You participated in a Community Outreach event for 3 hours on a weekend. How much do you add as a payroll item in Pike13? *
An unexpected power outage closes the pool for the remainder of the day. A coach is eligible to add an “Add Payroll Item” for at a rate of: *
Where can a coach locate the Liquid Lifestyles Employee Handbook? *
If you are unsure about ANY company policy or procedure, where should you look prior to calling the management team? *
What is the start date of the next holiday in which Liquid Lifestyles will be closed for all services? *
What is the start date of the next holiday in which Liquid Lifestyles will be closed for all services?
A private adult client keeps asking you to use your phone to video them while they are swimming. What service should you recommend they check out on the Liquid Lifestyles website? *
As a Liquid Lifestyles employee, you receive a 35% discount off our retail products and swim services using what coupon code? *
Why is it so important to confirm your classes and lessons on a DAILY basis? *
Check all that apply
Being the awesome coach that you are, your swimmer can’t say enough good things about their experience. What do you ask them to do? *
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Thank you for taking the Coaches Website Quiz! Please continue to stay current on any changes and improvements that are made so you can more appropriately respond to clients questions and better understand the services we provide. An "Add Payroll Item" for $16 can be submitted with the description "Website Quiz."