COACHING Specialty

  • Babies 6+ mos.

  • Anxious Beginners: Children & Adults

  • Learn-to-Swim: Children & Adults

  • Adult Freestyle

  • Triathlon & Open Water

  • Special Needs


  • Total Immersion™ Level II Certified Coach

  • American Red Cross WSI

  • American Red Cross Lifeguard



18-hr. Booking Window: Online registration for classes and private lessons must be done 18 hours in advance. Please contact your coach directly to coordinate short notice lessons or call the office for assistance / 216.543.4181


I would love the opportunity to share my passion with you.

That “CLICK”.  That moment the light switches on and everything falls into place.  All the repetition, all the drills, all of the encouragement and then the payoff.  The moment a young beginner final “gets it “ finally puts the pieces together and swims on their own is a magical moment.  For some the moment comes quickly and for others it takes a bit longer. One thing is certain. There is always that moment.  I consider myself lucky that I get to be there, in the pool, to witness that magic over and over again.  To be able to teach a lifelong skill to a child and know that skill will last a lifetime is a wonderful gift.

I remember my very first private lesson with Mrs. Olie Olson in Athens, Ohio.  I was four years old and smitten with Olie and instantly hooked on swimming.  I took lessons every summer for several years.  By the time I was 17 I had become a lifeguard and also taught my first private swim lessons.  I will never forget that first lesson.  I remember every detail.  I was scared to death.  The lesson went very well and by the end I could not wait for the next one.  I didn’t realize at the time that I had just found my niche.

After being severely injured in an automobile accident I was looking for something I could do part time to keep busy.  I thought about my own children’s swimming lessons and reflected on how I knew I could do it better than their instructor.  That was the answer, the “ah ha” moment.  I would start teaching swimming again.  It took awhile for me to get going but once I developed my method, business really took off.  That was in Florida.  I have since relocated twice.  From Florida we moved to Wisconsin and from Wisconsin back to Ohio.  All the while continuing to teach swimming.   This is what I do.  This is my passion. 

I received my TI coach certification in 2014, it was the completion a goal I’ve had for many years. Upon researching the Total Immersion methods I realized that I had been using many of the same concepts in my own instruction.  However, I never really sought to better my own swimming, I just swam laps, never consistently working to improve my own skills.  With TI I have become a better, more efficient, more purposeful swimmer.   Striving for self-improvement and learning new skills has certainly bettered me as an individual and reignited my passion for teaching.