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Thank you for your help! We had tried for several years to get Blake to learn to swim using both group and private lessons at our local community pool, without success. By word of mouth, we had heard of Liquid Lifestyles and their successful swimming programs. We convinced him to try one more time to try to learn to swim. This past summer was a complete turnaround, with him now having both the confidence and the desire to want to swim! We attribute this to your program and especially Coach Summer’s work with him. Blake developed both confidence and trust in Coach Summer and what she would ask of him to do. Again, thank you and Coach Summer!
— Bob D.

Hello! My name is Summer Stearns, I joined the Liquid Lifestyles crew in March of 2017 and I love it! Before I became a professional swim instructor I was once a kid learning to swim myself! In my early years I lived in Deerfield Beach of South Florida. My family and I lived just a fifteen minute bike ride from the beach and were around pools ALL THE TIME. At about 9 years old I joined my school's swim team because of my love for swimming. Turns out my dislike for competition at the time outweighed my love of swimming, so after one season I stuck to recreational swimming and splashing.

When I was about 10 years old my mom and dad decided they wanted to get out of the heat and move to North East Ohio. North Olmsted to be exact and that is where I spent my middle school and high school years. My sophomore year however, my mom decided I needed to get a job. As reluctant as I was, I took the American Red Cross Life guarding class at my local YMCA and received my certification. From there, I applied at my local recreation center and began life guarding at age 15. About a month in, my boss asked me if I was interested in teaching swim lessons as well. I said, "Yeah! That's got to be more interesting than sitting in a chair all day!" Thus my love for teaching swim lessons was created.

I taught lessons for 5 years at my local recreation center and decided I needed a change, so I applied for Liquid Lifestyles. I saw Liquid's Coaches working with kids while life guarding and was so impressed I needed to know more. Now working with the team, I know I was right to be impressed. These coaches are professional, experienced and completely passionate about helping children and adults learn one of life's most important skills, swimming.  It is this fiercely important feeling about water safety skills that connected me to the rest of the team, and I hope to share that connection with you!