Experienced Triathlete and Liquid Lifestyles Coach Since 2005

Experienced Triathlete and Liquid Lifestyles Coach Since 2005

Specialty: Triathletes & Adult Freestyle

Certifications: Liquid Lifestyles®, Total Immersion™

Experience: 70+ Triathlons: Sprint, Olympic, 70.3 & 140.6 – Liquid Lifestyles Coach since 2005

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When I did my first triathlon in 1991 I, like so many others, struggled to get through the swim. Back then my training plan was to just go to the pool and swim yards. The more the better and the harder the better, or so I thought. After several years of this strategy, I was experiencing a modest level of success relative to how I started. When I was introduced to Liquid Lifestyles through a triathlon swim group, circa 2004, I was hesitant. I reluctantly did the prescribed drills during practice and questioned the concepts and new focal points. I actually felt like I was going slower in the water until we started timing our sets. It was only then that I learned I was actually going faster with less effort! I was hooked. I trained with Liquid Lifestyles for a number of years with an entirely new mindset – one that was focused, critical and embraced the concepts that once seemed so counter-intuitive. My personal swimming experience has been incredibly rewarding since then and I’m excited to share the process of smart training and smart swimming with others. Since 2009 I’ve had the rewarding experience to assist at weekend workshops, open water clinics and offering private lessons to recreational swimmers, triathletes and beginners of all backgrounds and ability levels.

I have competed in over 70 triathlons (and counting) - everything from sprint distance to 140.6 full distance triathlons. Whether you are just getting started or stepping up to your first Half or Full Ironman I can help you reach your swimming goals and PR in any distance.

I shaved 15-20 seconds off my typical 100 yard time using “drive” and “flicking gum off my foot!” So awesome to be back in the pool with you! You always manage to put the pieces of the puzzle together in a manner that I can understand! Thank you!!
— Lisa S.