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  • Learn-to-Swim: Adults

  • Triathlon & Open Water


18-hr. Booking Window: Online registration for classes and private lessons must be done 18 hours in advance. Please contact your coach directly to coordinate short notice lessons or call the office for assistance / 216.543.4181


It feels like just yesterday when I signed up for my first triathlon. I was confident I'd finish if I could just get out there and log some swimming hours. So there I was, day after day, in the nice calm, clear water of the pool. I swam 100 meters without stopping. Then 200 meters. Soon, I made it up to 800 meters and thought "now I'm ready for my first sprint triathlon." Problem was, I had not practiced in open water so as race day approached I decided to compete in the kayak division of the race. Everything went smoothly and I was hooked, but I had to figure out the swimming part. The very next day I found myself searching the internet for a solution. I found Liquid Lifestyles and booked my initial consultation. After a half a dozen private lessons in the pool and open water, I completed my first sprint triathlon. From that moment on I was addicted. Not only to triathlons, but to swimming as well. I continued to grow such a love for swimming that I found myself swimming twice a day. I would attend Liquid 'N Durance Lite on a Monday night, Liquid 'N Durance on Tuesday morning, and also attend a private lesson later that day. As my passion for swimming grew, so did my involvement with my son's swim team. It didn't take long to discover a deep desire to teach others and pursue coaching. I had the opportunity to work as an assistant coach for the Lake County YMCA West End Wildcats where I further developed a passion for coaching. I now hope to inspire Liquid Lifestyles clients the way I was inspired as a client. 

In addition to coaching, I'm also a career firefighter/paramedic in the Cleveland area. When I'm not working, I enjoy multiple outdoor activities and continue to train regularly and compete in races. Swimming, triathlon, mountain biking, trail running, and whitewater kayaking are some of my favorites.

Whether you are looking to feel comfortable in and/or around the water, preparing for your very first triathlon, or you're an experienced athlete looking to fine tune your stroke before your next big race, I would love to help you archive your goals!