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Proficiency in swimming is a valuable attribute for children of all ages. My initiative is to help children grow in confidence for both swimming and everyday life. I love encouraging swimmers to challenge themselves and believe in their own capabilities. At the same time, it's important children learn water safety skills as well. I teach in an entertaining way while still having structure in following the curriculum. Toys, songs, and games are a huge part  of my lessons so that children may learn while still truly enjoying themselves. Although I've taught swim lessons for many years, I've never encountered another program where the children are genuinely excited for lessons. Frequently, I receive texts, emails, and Facebook tags of children who have gone home after lessons singing the songs we sing or practicing the skills again in their free time. The children I teach always come to class with a smile and ready to swim once they get to know the curriculum and me.

The progression of an anxious beginner is one of my favorite things to witness. To see a child who might have spent the first two lessons crying come to the third lesson with a smile on his face and an eagerness to swim is thrilling! Once a child feels safe and comfortable in water, he can begin to learn water safety skills and even independent swimming. Even the most nervous of anxious beginners can learn to replace panic with calmness through the Liquid Bubbles program! The water safety and swimming skills that a child will learn through my classes will help develop his confidence in the water and in daily life! 

Baby Bubbles classes are a passion of mine. I believe that the sooner a child begins learning how to be comfortable and safe in the water, the better! In these classes, not only am I able to witness babies and toddlers learning how to swim, but also parents and guardians bonding with their child. Baby Bubbles classes may seem intimidating, but I think of coaching the classes as like hosting a child’s favorite weekly show. Each class has plenty of songs, toys, and games for the children to enjoy. I work closely with the parents to teach the children both water safety skills and very basic swimming abilities. The underwater child pass between coach and parent is daunting to many first timers in the class, but they soon realize that everything is as easy as saying, "Ready? One, two, three!"
Liquid Bubbles lessons are unlike any lessons I have ever taught before. The program is absolutely amazing, and the children I coach quickly become proficient in their swimming skills. I emphasize the importance of breath control and calmness in the water. Water safety skills and the beginnings of competitive swim skills are equally important in these classes. With these skills, any child can become the great swimmer she is meant to be. The progression from one level to the next is seamless and fits together perfectly; my expertise with Liquid Bubbles 1, 2, and 3 curricula makes it simple for me to see the importance of each skill. My classes are filled with fun and energy to encourage children to be comfortable and enjoy their time in the water!

I began my swimming journey in the early 2000’s by taking swim lessons at my community pool, and in 2008, I joined my first competitive summer recreation swim team. From 2009 - 2013, I swam competitively for North Olmsted High School.  I recently graduated from John Carroll University in May 2017 with a degree majored in Classical Languages and minored in Spanish.
Ask me about doing classes in Spanish!