A Passion for Swimming

Our goal at Liquid Lifestyles® is to provide swimmers of ALL ages and ability levels with the necessary opportunities and resources to enhance and achieve personal swimming goals. We are excited to share our passion for swimming with you and are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and skills that will have you swimming well and enjoying it completely!

Anxious Beginners to Elite Athletes

From anxious beginners to elite athletes we understand that learning styles, needs and goals are truly unique and we pride ourselves in our ability to instruct using a wide range of styles and methods. Unlike traditional coaching strategies that reinforce struggle, our team of Liquid Lifestyles® coaches uses principles of biomechanics to teach you how to work less, save energy and find confidence in any body of water. Virtually all of the universal frustrations experienced by swimmers can be solved with our process-driven approach.

Freestyle Workshops


If you want to learn how to train smarter and swim faster with greater ease and less struggle, then we recommend you experience the Liquid Lifestyles Weekend Transformation. In two days you will develop a complete understanding of freestyle stroke mechanics, learn how to effectively train for speed and endurance and leave with a personalized plan for improvement.

Adults in Bay Village

Children’s Lessons

Our Liquid Bubbles® Learn-to-Swim Program for children is a progressive, processes-driven approach that uniquely instructs advanced swimming knowledge and techniques using a child-friendly curriculum.

Premier Swim


We offer a wide variety of programs including: Underwater Video Analysis, Private and Semi-Private Lessons, Open Water Triathlon Training, Children and Adult Group classes, Weekend Workshops and Liquid N’Durance Masters Training. We have a program that fits your needs!

Video Analysis

Refine your skills! Visual feedback is recognized as one of the most powerful tools for better understanding and learning new skills. Both beginner and advanced swimmers will benefit from this comprehensive, 2-hour, freestyle-stroke overview. You will be taped at multiple angles from both ABOVE and BELOW the surface. Classroom session will follow using slow-motion and stop-action to effectively examine form, detail individual stroke inefficiencies and identify prime opportunities for improvement.


Our knowledgeable coaches have the technical expertise to train elite competitive athletes as well as the patience and dedication to teach novice and developing swimmers of all ages. We take pride in knowing that our coaches are true experts in their ability to transfer their knowledge and skill to you. We’ve helped THOUSANDS of swimmers from across the globe. Are you ready to be next?